Frequently Asked Questions

Working in the hospitality industry for a long time, we’ve got used to a lot of similar questions that our visitors tend to ask us. Here we’ve compiled all of those into one comprehensive list, for everyone’s convenience!
What is check in/check out time?

Check-In time is after 3:00pm

Check-Out is before 11:00am

Do you have high-speed wired and/or wireless Internet access available?

Absolutely. We have updated our WiFi to feature a new internet connection and new Wireless Access Points using the latest technology. In fact, our internet service is one of the fastest our provider has to offer… On top of that, it is completely Free of charge!

Do you have a fitness center?

No, we do not have an exercise room or fitness center.

Can I bring my pet into the hotel?

We do not allow pets at the hotel. We would love to make an exception, but we have many different guests use the room throughout the year and a guest could have an allergy or sensitivity to your pet.

How far are you from the Watchtower facilities?

Distances and time approximations from the hotel to the Watchtower facility at:

Patterson: 47 miles / 1hr

Wallkill: 4 miles / 10 min.

Warwick: 47 miles / 1hr

Can I take public transportation from NYC airports to the hotel?

No public transportation reaches completely or directly to the hotel location. The nearest Metro Transit Authority stop is in Middletown via the Port Jervis line, and it is about a 20 minute drive from the hotel. We can arrange a shuttle transfer from the train stop to the hotel. Please call us prior to your trip for availability and rates.


To make a Reservation, call us now at

+ 1 845 744 5700